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Patient Information

Patient ID Name Diagnosis Setting
001 Ben stroke, post cardiac surgery Acute Hospital
002 Tom stroke, post craniotomy ICU
003 Mary stroke Acute Hospital
004 Ellanora stroke Acute Hospital
005 Marilyn stroke Acute Hospital
006 Calvin stroke Acute Hospital
007 Tom stroke Outpatient
008 Alice stroke Outpatient
009 Clint stroke Outpatient
010 Dick stroke Outpatient
011 Dale stroke Outpatient
013 Fran stroke SNF
015 Phyllis stroke Acute Hospital
016 Harriet stroke Home
017 Carlyn total hip replacement Acute Hospital
018 Alice rotator cuff repair Outpatient
019 Paula total knee replacement Outpatient
020 Kirstie distal radial fracture Outpatient
021 Marsha multiple sclerosis Home
022 Molly chromosomal
023 Rebbekah
024 Jo dementia SNF
025 Jimmie hip fracture SNF
026 Paul COPD Long Term Care
027 Janita Torres Femur Fracture SNF
028 Dr. T. Spinal stenosis with laminectomy and spinal fusion of C3-C7 SNF
029 Johnny Stroke Home Health
030 Lauren Stroke Outpatient
031 DeAlva Dementia SNF
032 Angela Osteomyelitis, end stage renal disease, anxiety SNF
033 Concetta Parkinson's SNF
034 Ortega Stroke, acute kidney failure, gout SNF
035 Jack none home