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Occupations refers to those “daily life activities in which people engage,” such as eating, dressing, sleeping, and socializing (AOTA, 2014, p. S4).

Spinal Stenosis, 3 months Post Surgery: ADLs During Breakfast ( click here for sample videos )

Spinal Stenosis, 3 months Post Surgery: ADLs During Breakfast
(click here for sample videos)


Search the ICE Video Library for the titles below, or for keywords such as: ADL, occupation-based, function, self-care, and social participation.


Ask these questions when watching the related videos.

  1. In what type of occupation is the client engaging?
  2. How would this occupation “feel” different when performed in a therapy gym versus a home environment? 
  3. Is this occupation being used as an end or a means to an end (or both)?
  4. Does this occupation appear meaningful to the client? What might make it more meaningful (e.g., change of context, change of physical requirement, addition of social component)?
  5. How does engagement in this occupation promote overall health and wellness?

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Amanda K. Giles, OTD, OTR/L
Assistant Professor
Division of Occupational Therapy
College of Health Professions
Medical University of South Carolina