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Video Courses

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Video Courses

from 475.00

Each comprehensive Video Course includes a Student Text & Workbook complete with assignments, practice labs, and access to hours of corresponding streaming patient videos. Subscriptions include 24/7 access for all faculty and students. 

IP Access Option allows for whitelisting of IP ranges to give faculty and students access to stream videos within their network without having to login.

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Implementing Streaming Video On Campus

A subscription is per campus; multiple programs on the same campus (i.e. PT, OT, Nursing) may utilize the subscription at no additional cost. Multiple campuses require a subscription for each campus. ICE Streaming Videos are accessible from any device with an Internet connection; phone, tablet or computer workstation. Different users under the same subscription may simultaneously stream the same video. Each ICE Streaming Video clip has a unique url which can be pasted into a learning management system. Chrome, Safari and Firefox are the preferred browsers. Internet Explorer (IE) requires version 10.0 or higher. ICE Streaming Videos can be accessed three different ways depending upon your institution set up. Each subscription requires an email to establish the subscription, regardless of the access options.

  1. Subscription Access Code – The Subscriber chooses an Access Code for the subscription use. This Access Code will be used by all users under the subscription to access ICE Videos. If the Subscriber does not choose an Access Code, one will be assigned, with the option to change it at a later date by emailing
  2. IP authentication – The Subscriber provides the campus IP ranges. Anytime a user from within the whitelisted IP ranges accesses the ICE Videos site the user is granted access without having to enter login credentials.
  3. Single Sign On – The ICE Videos site is able to integrate with SAML 2.0 compatible Single Sign On (SSO) services. There is a one-time fee of $99 to set up SSO. Please contact ICE support directly ( if interested in this option to see if it is available for your institution.