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IT Information

IT Setup Information

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To enable IP Authentication for on campus access:

Please send your campus IP ranges to

Does ICE support EZProxy?

Yes. EZProxy 6.1.6 and above supports the newest versions of https. Here is the stanza to use for EZProxy version 6.1.6 and above:

Title ICE Learning Center

For versions of EZProxy prior to 6.1.6, ICE will need to ensure you have a non-https URL in place. Please contact for the updated URL and stanza.

Does ICE support WAM?

Yes. However, some versions of WAM may have trouble communicating with the newer version of https (TLS 1.2) on our website. Please contact for an updated non-https URL.

Does ICE support OpenAthens?

ICE supports IP authentication for OpenAthens. Please send your OpenAthens IP address to

Does ICE support Single Sign On (SSO)?

ICE sites can be accessed using SSO compatible with SAML 2.0. If you would like to enable SSO, please send your metadata file to

IP Address Range has changed

Please send your updated IP range to

Getting an error message: "Connection refused"?

This message means that the newer version of https (TLS 1.2) on our website and the older version of EZProxy (prior to 6.1.6) you are using are having trouble communicating with each other. Please contact for an updated non-https URL and stanza.





Toll Free from US & Canada: 
1 (888) 665-6556 (Voice & Fax)

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