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MedBridge How It Works

Learn from the experts! Earn CEUs that are fast, affordable and filled with great treatment ideas from top OT, PT and Speech instructors.


Here’s How It Works…

It’s fast and easy to earn CEUs with MedBridge. It offers everything you need and it’s stress-free! Even exam questions can be retaken for earning CEUs. MedBridge tracks your progress across all devices, and seamlessly syncs your progress to make the best use of your time. Perfect when you’re on the go and easy to pick up where you left off. The MedBridge App is free to all subscribers.

Watch engaging videos and download course slides.

MedBridge integrates videos and powerpoint presentations, so you can easily move through the content by fast forwarding/rewinding the video or use the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ options below the Powerpoint presentation. The videos are synced with the slides. Download course handouts for easy reference during or after the course.

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Learning assessments are stress-free!

Short competency questions are built into the courses at the end of each module. Miss an answer? No worry - you can review and retake the question! A 70% pass rate is needed for completion and the MedBridge platform makes this possible.


Download your CEU certificate!

Just enter your license number and print your course certificate. MedBridge CE Tracker makes everything so easy! All of your courses (completed or in progress) are at your fingertips. Print multiple copies of your certificates, if you want to.

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CEU Tips!

MedBridge Webinars count for ‘Live’ course CEUs (in most states) so your subscription goes even further!

Did you know you can listen to lectures at 1.5 or 2x the normal speed? A great way to speed things up and still get all of the info needed for your CEUs.