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Faculty Toolkit

Our Faculty Toolkit is a great resource for faculty, filled with tips and templates supporting the creative use of video in your curriculum.


Faculty Toolkit

A great resource for faculty, filled with tips and templates supporting the creative use of video in your curriculum.

ICE Video Library subscribers only. Contact ICE for access.


Save Prep Time

Everything is streamlined for you to create innovative activities quickly and easily.


Lesson Plans

Get a head start! Download complete learning activities to use or modify.


Flip the Classroom

We'll help you maximize class time with great tips to flip the classroom.


Faculty Zone

For faculty only! Password protected access to in-depth resources, lesson plans, & tools.

How It Works & What's Included

Does your campus subscribe to the ICE Video Library? If so, you and your faculty can enter the Faculty Zone to access ICE Lesson Plans, ICE Breakers, Tips and Resources that will save you time and give you a head start to creating dynamic learning activities. 

Need help or have suggestions? Email us your wish list! We'll be adding new content, so check back often.

Tools for Integrating Video Across the Curriculum

Lesson Plan Topic Video Title Diagnosis
Basic Tenets
Interview, Screening
    and Evaluation
Intervention Plan
Context of Service
Designing Meaningful Treatment Plans Femur Fracture THR                        
Respiratory Issues in Acute Care Ventilator Part 1 COPD
Improving Interview Skills Assessment in Acute Care, Part 1 Stroke
Facilitating Sit to Stand Sit to Stand Stroke
Documenting Levels of Assist IADLs: Washing Dishes Stroke
Dealing with Frustration Self Care: Dressing Stroke
Treatment for Visual Deficits Initiating Treatment Stroke
Scar Mobilization Total Knee Replacement TKR

ICE Breakers

Save prep time and learn innovative ways to incorporate video clips into your courses with ICE Breakers. Each identifies a short video clip with suggestions for class discussions, learning activities (practice labs or in-class activities), and additional videos for students to view that supplement the activities.

ICE Lesson Plans

A comprehensive resource for faculty, each lesson plan includes learning objectives, a list of ACOTE or CAPTE standards supported by the lesson plan, detailed assignments, suggestions for class discussions and additional videos for students that supplement the learning objectives.


ICE Teaching Tips

Multimedia can make or break a classroom presentation, and video offers exciting possibilities to reach the needs of today’s learners. The following tips provide suggestions for successfully streaming videos in class using the ICE Video Library.