One-Handed Shoe Tying

"How do you tie shoes using just one hand?" Here is an easy way. Learning one handed shoe tying gives stroke survivors the option of wearing any number of shoes in their closet. This technique eliminates the need for special Velcro shoes. You can use tennis shoes or any kind of shoe that has eyelets and laces.

First prepare the shoe for the stroke survivor. Unlace the shoe completely. Make a simple knot at one end and place it through the hole on the outside of the shoe. Put the knot on the same side as their strong side (the hand they'll be using to tie the laces).

Next, lace the shoes by going from the 'top down through' (for a hole corresponding on the other side). And from 'under up through' when going diagonally to the next level of eyelet.

At the top, go through the last hole a second time, to keep the shoe securely on the foot all day long. Now the shoe is ready to give the stroke survivor. Shoe Tying
 1. Teach them to make a simple loop (as in the letter 'c') starting up toward the ankle and then down toward the toe of the shoe. Shoe Tying
2. Tuck the lace (toward the toe) under laces which span the last two holes at the top of the shoe. Shoe Tying
3. Pull and cinch toward the strong side. Shoe Tying
4. If the laces are too long, you can cut the laces. Just be sure to cut the end where the knot is, so the 'working' end doesn't become frayed.  
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